Thoroughbred: A Breed Of Champions

A thoroughbred is one of the best horse breeds in America. They are characterized by their long and lean legs attached to muscular bodies. A thoroughbred is the only horse in America that can race in the biggest and best of races in the country- The Triple Crown. Many horses begin on the racetrack only to retire to another profession. These horses are very popular jumpers and hunters. They are easy to train and their long legs make them ideal for going over fences in style. If you have ever considered a adopting a horse, then one off the track is a great way to obtain a great horse for a small price. He may be green, but he will eventually turn into the horse of your dreams with the right training and patience. You will be winning blue ribbons in no time!

Many Thoroughbred owners love this breed thanks to their stamina and agility. They make a fine three day event horse thanks to their ability to keep up with the grueling competition. These horses are tremendous athletes. They can perform a dressage move with no trouble one day and jump five foot fences the next. If you want a horse that was born to be a star, then this breed is the only way to go. You will have a horse that will be high strung, but that will only give him character and personality. You do not want a dull horse that will not have the drive to finish a course. You want one that will know how to win!

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