Safe Disposal Of Pharmaceutical Waste

Pharmaceutical waste consists of over the counter and prescription drugs for humans and animals and the needles and syringes used to administer them. Hospitals are the most likely, but not the only place to find pharmaceutical waste. Most hospitals and doctors offices have secure pharmaceutical waste containers. However, because these products are also found in homes, some of the waste is not properly disposed of and may enter the environment.

Most pharmacies will accept unneeded or expired medications for disposal. Doctors’ offices and hospitals are other places to drop off pharmaceutical waste. Many communities also have designated locations that accept pharmaceutical waste, usually at no cost to the resident.

The one thing you should not do with pharmaceutical waste is deposit it into the water system. Flushing pills or other medications down the toilet introduces the drugs into the water supply. While many communities have excellent water filtration systems, others do not and in those cities, flushing drugs in the toilet or running them down the drain can be harmful to other citizens.

If you have waste that you need to dispose of, ask your doctor or pharmacist for advise on how to dispose of it. Patients who take medication regularly or who inject their medication should be told responsible disposal methods. If the doctor or pharmacist does not volunteer the information, it is important to ask. Patients should not throw away expired medications because they can enter the environment through the landfill, causing harm to our planet and everyone who lives on it. More info: pharmaceutical waste removal los angeles

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