Partial Breast Irradiation Can Be Safe Even For Invasive Breast Cancer

Women faced with breast cancer may be offered partial breast irradiation as a treatment option. There have been studies showing this is an effective treatment and safe for many women, even with invasive breast cancer. This treatment option differs from the standard full breast radiation treatments. It is localized to the affected area and in higher doses that usually. This means fewer trips to and from your doctor’s office and less tissue exposed to the radiation treatment. Also, this option is usually for women who have undergone a breast-conserving surgery to remove only the portions affected with the cancer instead of a full mastectomy.

If you have had a breast-conserving surgery and are going to begin the normal external-beam radiation therapy to your entire breast, consult with your doctor to see if you are a good candidate for partial breast irradiation instead. The study results are almost comparative with the standard external-beam radiation treatment in the reoccurrence rate of the cancer. Ther More info: Partial Breast Irradiation Boca Raton

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