How To Remove Pond Muck

As your pond begins to age, muck can easily form. If not properly cleared, this muck can overtake your entire pond. Muck can make it difficult for natural vegetation to form. Fish may have trouble feeding if the muck is to thick. Luckily, pond muck removal is a simple process. In most cases, you can remove muck in just a few short hours.

Before pond muck removal can begin, you will need to remove as many fish as possible. To do this, place a plastic swimming pool beside the pond. Using a bucket, fill the pool up with the pond water. Use a net to remove the fish. You may also want to remove any plants that may be growing in the pond. Once the fish have been removed, begin draining the pond. To drain the pond quickly, hook up a pump to siphon the water. Make sure that the water is drained away from the yard. If not, the water can quickly flood your lawn. For those that have a pump in their pond, avoid draining the water below the pump. Draining to low can cause the pump to burn up.

Once the pond has been

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