High-Risk Pregnancies Need Special Care

Pregnancy can be an exciting time; it can also be very scary. Many women all over the world discover each year that their pregnancy is high-risk. Some women do not understand what that means, while others become very worried and scared. The most important thing to remember when you have a high-risk pregnancy is that taking care of you and your baby is paramount.

A high-risk pregnancy can happen for many reasons. Those reasons can include such things as multiple births, diabetes, the mother being over or under weight when she became pregnant, or a whole list of other reasons. It will be these reasons that their doctor should address.

When women are high at risk for having a miscarriage or preterm birth, most doctors will also want their patients to see a doctor specializing in this area. Most doctors that deal with high-risk pregnancies will want to monitor the growth of your baby through ultra sound. They will monitor your blood work. They will take your vitals. They will confer with your doctor as to what they thinks is best for you and your baby.

It is important not to miss these appointments or to think that they are the same as your regular Ob/Gyn. While both monitor your pregnancy and your health, the high-risk specialist has access and facilities designed to monitor the health of you and your baby differently than your regular doctor, most specialist will also not deliver you, that is the job of your regular doctor.

The most important thing to remember when you find out that you have a high-risk pregnancy is that this is not going to ruin your special time. Do not allow this to become a worry. Do not allow this to make you feel that you have done something wrong. Just consider the fact that you will be getting a little extra special care.
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