Why Girls Should Read Books With Female Protagonists

Even now in the 21st century, so many books that are assigned at high school and university level have male protagonists in them. Even in classes where the majority of students are girls. That is why, if you are a teacher, a parent or even a student, you should be talking to the school administration about having more books with female protagonists assigned.

Getting girls especially to read books with female protagonists is important. Most girls grow up feeling as though they are not as good as boys. They’re not as smart, they’re not as tough, they’re not as good at things like math and science and many of them know this as they rarely read books with female protagonists. After all, if men are the ones in most of the books that are doing all these amazing things, that must mean women aren’t capable, right? Wrong. All it means is the people assigning the books are ignoring the millions of books with female protagonists and only choosing male-oriented books instead.

Tell your school administration you want your daughter, or yourself, to be given books that will give women more self-confidence if they read them, and show them it is possible to be successful, smart and brave. Even if you are a woman.

Women feature in every type of book from history to fantasy, science to mathematics, anthropology to music. Get your school to assign more books with women in them. After all, not only will they make women start feeling better about themselves, but the boys and men who are assigned to read them will also begin to think about girls and women differently. Seeing them as capable individuals, sometimes for the first time.

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