A Well Trained Sales Force Keeps A Company Alive

You can tell who has not put any thought into how business works by those who complain about the sales force. People who constantly run down the sales people about how they get deals, the amount of information they obtain, and the way they do business just are not fully aware of how a modern business is run. In their defense there are sales people who do unethical things, and there are sales people who do not get enough or the right data for their support teams. But by in large the sales force of any company is what makes sure everyone at that company can have a job because they generate revenue. Like it or not without an effective sales force no one would have a job.

That is not to say that the support teams behind the sales force are not valuable, they are. You cannot continue to close business if your support team cannot deliver what was sold either. However, like it or not a well trained sales force is the life’s blood of a company. That is why any company that does not make sure its sales force is the best trained in their industry is leaving a weak point in their armor for the competition to take advantage of and exploit.

Every sales person should understand what the support teams behind them need to do their job. They should be trained in how to get that information. They should attend regular training to make sure they understand what the key elements of the actual operation of their company are so they can pursue that data as hard as they pursue contracts.
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